U.S. Patent Quality Control

Solving the number one issue with U.S. patent applications.
  • Antecedent Basis Errors
  • Word Support Errors
  • Dependency Errors
  • Others

Having worked in the U.S. patent space since 2004, Zodiac Patent has identified where we can add the most value to the process for our clients. Like all industries, time is money, and it’s even amplified to a greater degree in the patent space. The biggest factor that costs companies and patent attorneys time is quality control in U.S. patent applications. It’s not a surprise considering the complexity of the USPTO guidelines, but nevertheless, understanding it can save a significant amount of time and cost during the patent application process.

Quality Control Streamlines Your Process

Zodiac Patent understands the overwhelming workflow U.S. Patent law firms face. With the rapid pace of technological innovations comes a higher demand for patent application grants. Not only must you keep up with and understand the constantly emerging technological innovations, but you must “win the race” for your client’s application grant.

Working with a partner that stays focused on the latest tech innovations in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, software, cybersecurity, automotive, semiconductor and other tech spaces is a big advantage. Zodiac Patent pairs our tech industry knowledge with a meticulous focus on quality checks. The result is a best-case scenario to expedite the application approval process for your clients and the ability to take on more projects.

A speedy application approval holds no value if the application is not strong enough to hold up to scrutiny from a competitor. Zodiac U.S. Patent application quality control checks result in two major benefits for your clients and your firm’s reputation.

One: A meticulous quality control check results in fewer office actions and faster approval. Zodiac Patent has built its reputation on our quality control process.

Two: An approved U.S. Patent application that has undergone the Zodiac Patent quality check will hold up under litigation if a situation arises. The important thing for a company and U.S. Patent law firm is for the approved patents to survive the test of legal scrutiny.

Every company in every industry is searching for ways to differentiate its value. In the U.S. Patent application space, the biggest issue is quality control. By focusing on this issue, you will quickly rise to the top and open new doors of opportunity. The reason this hasn’t been done is that the work is not easy. Producing a quality patent draft and finding and fixing errors is painful work that requires hours and hours of focus on a daily basis. Most companies that want to do this start out doing well, then quickly falter.

Zodiac Patent has built our brand on being the best in U.S. Patent quality control. We’ve thrived at the methodical task and have sustained our success as a result. We work with some of the biggest U.S. Patent law firms in the U.S.

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