Work at Zodiac Patent

Start or take the next step in your U.S. Patent career
  • U.S. Patent Quality Control Checks
  • U.S. Patent Application Drafting
  • U.S. Patent Litigation Support

Zodiac Patent works with the best U.S.-based patent law firms providing support for quality control, drafting, and litigation. We’re looking for new graduates that have completed their Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D. degree. Ideally, your background will be in engineering, computer science, and other related areas.

Who Can Work with Zodiac Patent?

Zodiac Patent is a boutique firm that has set itself apart by specializing in particular areas of the U.S. Patent space. Working at Zodiac gives you the opportunity to build something for yourself while being a part of a very tight-knit team that supports each other. Recent graduates and professionals with experience are both welcome. Specialized training is provided to new team members based on their work experience and skill-sets. Recent graduates join as Training Patent Engineers.

Zodiac Patent is a place to work, but even more, a place to learn. At Zodiac, you will have the opportunity to add to your skill stack, strengthen your value in the marketplace, and work with some of the best U.S. Patent experts in the world. Because Zodiac is a boutique firm, you will work with and learn directly from expert patent analysts with decades of experience.

The first step to working with Zodiac Patent is submitting your resume and cover letter. Upon review, if we feel like there’s an opportunity, we will contact you and set up an introduction meeting. Prior to the meeting, you will receive instructions on what to expect and how to prepare.