We Focus on U.S. Patent Quality Control

If you’re a U.S. Patent attorney, you know that getting a client’s patent approved is a complex process and that even the seemingly “best” drafts get rejected for unexpected reasons. Of the hundreds of thousands of patent drafts the USPTO sees every year, it’s estimated that 89% have word support errors, 76% have antecedent basis errors, and nearly 10% have dependency errors. The number one issue with U.S. patents is quality control. The patent quality issue delays approval, increases office actions, and ultimately makes for frustrated clients. Read More…

After joining the patent field in 2004 and working on hundreds of patent drafts since Zodiac Patent understands the challenges the U.S. patent world presents to our partners. The number of USPTO guidelines, section/clauses, and draft styles can make it difficult to find a reliable partner who can adapt and add value to your process. Because we’ve worked continuously with U.S. Patent law firms since 2004, we’ve developed a process that allows us to quickly adapt to your system. Whether you need U.S. Patent quality control checks, patent drafting, or litigation support, Zodiac Patent can help.

U.S. Patent Quality Control

Give your U.S. Patent draft the best odds of approval. A quality control check looks for specific issues and corrects them, or provides acceptable alternatives. Zodiac Patent finds and corrects antecedent basis errors, word support errors, dependency errors, and more, so your applications avoid lengthy delays.

U.S. Patent Application Drafting

Our patent drafting services enable US Patent Attorneys, Law firms, Corporations, and startups to help secure quality patents in a timely and cost-effective manner. Zodiac Patent follows a rigorous process with multiple quality checkpoints and manages various stages of the patent drafting process. We pay especially close attention to drawings, from the block diagram to the flowchart. Consistent and appropriate explanations of drawings play an important role in getting an application approved by USPTO in a timely manner.

U.S. Patent Litigation Support

Zodiac Patent Litigation support assists with patent infringement search and analysis and patent validity/invalidity search and analysis. We focus on prior art which closely resembles the patent in question. Zodiac Patent has years of experience in providing litigation support for both asserting and defending infringement claims.

Having a U.S. patent partner like Zodiac Patent gives you the edge it needs in the competitive patent services space. Working with Zodiac Patent is easy, efficient, and always secure.

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