About Us

The people who solve critical issues with U.S. Patents

Dheeraj Verma is the founder and CEO of Zodiac Patent. Mr. Verma’s patent experience dates back to 2004 when he worked as an associate with Anand and Anand Advocates drafting patent applications for India, the USA, the EU, UK, and Japan. During his first two years in the patent space, Mr. Verma completed prior-art searches in multiple domains using Micropat Database and drafted over 30 complete applications in the semiconductor, hardware, and telecommunications space.

Since his first experience in 2004, Mr. Verma went on to work at Ford Motor Company and consulted several Indian and US organizations in their Patent Strategy and execution. Steadily and continually gaining new skills and experience, he earned a Bachelor Degree in Technology in Electrical Engineering from IIT Roorkee and a Masters in Management from MIT-Sloan & Skolkovo. Work and education have taken Dheeraj to countries such as the USA, Germany, South Korea, Sweden, Russia, and China.

Although Mr. Verma has worked around the globe in the patent industry, it was after careful study and working experience in U.S. Patent work at IP Law Firms and then at Ford Motor that led Zodiac Patent to focus on the U.S. Patent market.

After years of innovation and industrial consulting, I noticed a pattern across most firms. Many had gaps in understanding the critical link within the innovation cycle – from R&D to Patent Protection and commercialization. I’ve been fortunate enough to work on all of these areas and build the skill set to start a patent service company that provides quality-focused services in the areas that need the most attention. Because of our unique experience, Zodiac Patent is able to provide truly unmatched value to our clients by focusing our efforts in the places where others don’t even know they should be looking.
– Dheeraj Verma, Founder & CEO, Zodiac Patent